mostly driven by the schemes of Ryan O'Reily. Querns warns O'Reilly not to let anything happen to Stanislofsky after he returns to Em City. Pablo Rosa (Michael Rivera)

- A young inmate convicted of manslaughter after the gun he brought to school to show off fired and killed a classmate. Colonel Edward Galson ( John Doman ) - A military Colonel, imprisoned for raping a female colleague. Schibetta later claims to O'Reily that he put the 'Evil Eye' on Meehan to cause his death. Duke ) - Originally claimed to be Glynn's cousin, he is actually an undercover police officer, gays porno imagenes sent into Oz to shut down the drug trade. Burr Redding ( Anthony Chisholm ) - The leader of Hill and Supreme Allah's gang. His repeated abuse of neighbouring inmate Deyell leads Deyell to dig through the cell wall between them, finally breaking through and strangling Miles to death, destroying the portrait in the process. Harrison Beecher ( Edward Herrmann ) - Beecher's father. He is sent to solitary but refuses to confess that Morales ordered the attack. He is obsessed with oral hygiene and speaks in riddles and morse code. The Brotherhood finds out and threatens him, causing him to hang himself in his cell. He plays an instrumental role in orchestrating the murder of Wilson Loewen. Eugene Dobbins ( Zuill Bailey ) - A famed porno gay joven pichaloca cellist, sent to Oz for murdering a rival. Appears in episodes 246, 4956. They tend to have an easier relationship with the Italians rather than the Homeboys, although they have cooperated with both. He initially engages in a battle for the souls of Oz's inmates with Mukada though they eventually find common ground. Stanislofsky survives and Kosygin is put in the hole, later solitary confinement. Other staff members, tries their best to run the Penitentiary but always get involved with many of the Inmates such as main nurse. He experiences Anti-Semitism during his visit but manages to piece together the story. He pays a CO to let him into the cell in which a sedated Ortolani lies and immolates him.

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Browne Gano Grills One of the inmates transferred to Em City xvideos interracial bareback gay during Quernsapos. By the end, kareem Said Eamonn Walker 1 3, he survived a botched electric chair execution when the power went off and his sentence was commuted. Raymond apos, he gets into business with the Homeboys. And being fair to the inmates. Criss A friend of Wanglerapos 4, oapos, s sent to Em City for armed robbery. S racism will absolve him, stella reads to him through the wall.

List of animated works with lgbt characters ; List of comedy television series with lgbt characters ; List of dramatic television series with lgbt characters.The characters of Oz, fictional characters on the television series about prison life, are a diverse mixture of inmates from various gangs and prison staff.

Breaks up sexo with Beecher and leaves. He gay gives Beecher the false information in exchange for dental work for one of his own daughters. Re antidrugs and are against almost everything else that are up in that category. Over the course of the show.

Schillinger is unaware of her existence and is initially skeptical but accepts her when she shows their marriage licence.While awaiting execution for the rape and murder of one woman, he subsequently confesses to the murder of over 30 others.Soon after, he commits suicide.