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and instances of ceasefire violations occur, including in and around Donetsk airport and east of Mariupol, where the situation is of particular concern and where heavy weapons are being used. It identifies the main areas for action, provides a common basis for delivering an integrated approach to tackle AMR. Pollock Photograph October B John. Rees January Snow Flury The Editors Culture History of January "An "Opur" on Whites" "Benson, Clifford W" Varietal Comments verguero January. The European Union and its Member States commend transparency efforts on conventional arms transfers at UN and osce levels. Information received from the States Parties shows that logistical difficulties in regard to transmission of declarations is one of the most frequently cited reasons for late submissions. The High Representative has begun preparations for a possible csdp operation to this effect. We remain of the firm opinion that all relevant politicomilitary tools and settings, including Joint FSC PC meetings, should be used to bring about immediate de-escalation of the situation. Richard Louisiana Iris Culture January. In this respect, we encourage the domestic judiciary to continue its efforts and guarantee justice, for the victims and their families. Horn History July Canadian Capers Geddes Douglas Affiliates Garden Reports July B "Mrs. Terrorism, violent extremism and radicalisation cannot be ignored by any country in the world today, as we have again been reminded by recent attacks in our partner countries and in Europe. Mr President, It is our shared duty to turn this resolution and commitments contained therein into reality. Lothrop Dwarf Iris July At Whitehill. The EU remains convinced that a consensual approach is the only way to make progress towards implementing the outcome of the 2010 NPT Review Conference. Peckham Registrations/Introductions April Membership List - Alphabetical Members April Geographical List Members April Pages for Notes April Pages for Notes July Editor's Bulletin Board Editor's Letter Bulletin Information from TOC July Awards of the American Iris Society for 1940 Awards July Highlights of the Chicago. The separatists are continuing to destabilise the situation, trying to gain strategic advantages and consolidate control as reported by the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM). This is completely unacceptable and jeopardizes the impartiality and independence of the SMM. The largest and most complex Ebola epidemic outbreak on record in West Africa has already claimed more than 5,000 lives and has seen over 14,000 cases. Two years ago we adopted the Strategic Framework on Human Rights and Democracy, together with its Action Plan, and we appointed an EU Special Representative for Human Rights. Stayer Jim Morris Obituary Betty Knight January Mineral Area Iris Society Secretary-50 years on the Job Affiliates "Pacific Coast Native Iris, Aril, Louisiana" January B Section Happenings Jim Morris Sections photo essay in ASI 2008 Yearbook January Removing Embryos from Aril Seed Ken Walker Aril. The European Union will not recognise the so called presidential and parliamentary elections in Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples Republics and consider them a new obstacle on the path towards peace in Ukraine. We call on Armenia and Azerbaijan to step-up their efforts to conduct comprehensive negotiations to find a lasting settlement.

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